Z Probe issue not stopping on touch

I have had several instances now were the software inst recognizing the z Probe.

Twice I have had to back out of the probe setup and start over to get it to recognize when I touch the probe to the bit.

4 separate occasions I go through the process then when it probes it just wants to bury the bit into the probe causing me to hit the e-stop.

Anyone else having issues?

Thought it might be the connector, I have checked/repaired and tightened it already

I had this happen a few weeks back and it did it several times over a couple of days. Sometimes it worked, other times it did not. What I found in my case was one of the wires for the Probe had broken internally with the insulation still whole. Not sure what caused it, but I cut and re-soldered them and everything seems to be working OK. Also check that your cutter does not have any buildup on the bottom, as I have seen that happen as well. Some types of wood really gum up the cutting edges and can [prevent the probe cycle from getting continuity. No guaranteeing that this is your issue, but just some issues I have run into and possible fixes.

I ended up direct wring mine to and removed the plug, I also did the same re-soldered the clip and the probe. By removing the plug I took out a posable fail point and that is were my issue actually was.