Z-Probe it is compatible with X-Carve orders placed before August 31st, 2016?

I want to upgrade, accurate and automated way to zero the Z axis.
Z-Probe it is compatible with X-Carve orders placed before August 31st, 2016?
Which the form is of installing the Z-Probe in X-Carve orders placed before August 31st, 2016?

Yes, you wire it directly to the board on top of the Arduino. I do not remember the pin but it is easily googlable.

I added a connector to mine so I can use these two probes

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Thanks for posting this topic. I have same question.

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Connect the probe between the Ground pin and A5 of the Arduino

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Dear namesake, thank you for the information

Dear Erwin, thank you for the information

@PeterBonillaCordero In addition to what those guys said,
Best practice would be to wire the probe plate to A5 and the clip to GND.

I sent a message to the Support Team before I found this thread. Here is the reply I received
Unfortunately the z-probe was introduced with our X-Controller, so as you’re aware, we don’t have any instruction on using it with the Arduino/gShield, but you should still be able to make it work. The probe input on your Arduino is pin A5, red cable, and then you’ll plug the black cable into GND. I believe you should be able to use the main GND on your gShield. You can find the layout of the Arduino board here showing the A5 pin:

Once you have things wired up, you can test out the functionality in Easel’s Machine Inspector (Machine Menu > Advanced > Machine Inspector). And once you’ve confirmed things are working correctly, go through the machine setup walkthrough to enable the probe feature:


Now I am confused. Being electrically challenged, how do I get to the A5 pin on the Ardunio if the gShield is install on top? Will I need to solder in a male header connector like I did for the limit switches (1x4 connector at gShield pins D12, D10, and D9)? If so, will the D5 pin on the gShield connect to the Ardunio A5 pin?

This should all be A5. D5 controls the direction of the X stepper.
Isn’t A5 already exposed with the gshield? I can’t find a picture with the thing plugged into an Arduino, but it looks like you can get straight to the analog pins on the Arduino. Maybe the stepper wires are in the way (not ideal).
A5 to your probe plate, ground to your endmill.