Z probe not responding

I’ve had my xcarve 1000 for about a month now, the z probe has worked perfectly up until the other night. Now it doesn’t recognize its making contact and when doing the homing sequence the router will keep moving down and start crushing the z probe into the waste board. What could have changed and how do I get it to recognize the z probe again? Everything is plugged in right and no loose wires

This confounds me because you’re clearly getting to the screen where you can select the Z probe.

And then as part of that setup, you’re confirming that it’s making contact when the probe touches the bit.

But then, with all of that working, I’m trying to imagine what could wrong after that.

Maybe re-run machine setup and the Easel driver?

The homing sequence will raise the bit, not lower it. As DK suggested, go back through the setup.

If that is the case you should not probe.
I am guessing a broken wire or a loose connection somewhere.

As do I.

A stepper motor with only 3 wires operative will move just fine, but direction will be random as it has lost its “directional tracking”

If you jog the stepper a few times up & down will it move up & down or mainly one direction only?

If so => broken motor wire somewhere.

The OP is not having stepper issues. It is the probe detection that is the issue.
It did not acknowledge the test contact and he then proceeded with probing operation. It did not stop at contact.
For one I would not expect Easel to let you proceed if contact was not detected in the process.

Contact Inventables, they redesigned the z probe, you may have one of the old ones.

This info suggest that the Z axis have an issue where poor contact on one of the wires may be the reason. Wether probe is inoperative or not wont matter if Z is misbehaving :slight_smile:

Check out this thread and What I found to be the culprit.