Z probe or limit switches not working at all

Hello everyone, I have been running my machine for a coupe of weeks and love it. How ever I can not get any of the limit switches or the probe to work. I have been going over the forums and can’t seem to find a answer.

Two week old machine. I have never been able to get them to work.

Most up to date firmware, check the cables and connections. I hope I am just over looking something simple but this is driving me nuts. I am not as worried about the limit switches but would really like at the very least to get the z probe working.

Any help would be very appreciated. My time is very limited during the day so it is hard to call into inventables. I have to believe I am not the only one who has had this issue.

What doesn’t work?

Limit switches and the z probe.

When you open Easel - Machine Inspector, do the limit / probe symbol turn green when you toggle them by hand?
Is GRBL parameter $21=1 and switches hooked up as Normally Open (NO) ?

Ha! Sorry, I should’ve been more clear. What are you noticing that tell you the switches aren’t working? Are you testing continuity? Checking in the machine inspector? Homing fails? Probing fails? Etc…

Yes, with machine inspector I get no response on any of the limit switches or the z probe.

Can you get a pic of a switch?
Can you check the switch with a meter?
Is the probe plugged in all the way?
Is this an X-Controller?
Is the ribbon cable in the controller seated properly?

I also have the same problem, when I start the configuration of the machine manually the control works, but when I start the homing sequence the equipment does not work.

Can you get a photo of a switch?
Can you check the switch with a meter?
Check with the multimeter and when it slopes open the circuit.
Is the probe fully connected?
I tried with a probe plugged in and unplugged
Is this an X-Controller?
It’s an x-controler
Is the ribbon cable in the controller properly seated?
The ribbon cable is securely attached.

this happened after the updating of firmaware x-controler

Does the circuit open or close when switch is triggered manually?
If $5=0 then you need to wire the switches as Normally Open (NO)
If they are wired Normally Closed (NC) then you need to change $5 to =1 to invert them.

Sorry for the delay, my work schdule is all over the place.

Checked all of the switches with a meter and all tested good.

Yes the probe has been inserted all of the way and I have checked the connections on it with the meter.

Yes it is a X controller

Yes I have reseated the ribbon cable several times and no change.

I have checked with machine inspector and not a single limit switch or the z probe respond.

Through the console in the machine inspector, send a ? and see what comes back.
Then hold one of the switches and send a ? again.
Paste the responses here.

Can you check the switches with your meter at the X-Carve end of the wire?

Did any one get a reason or solution for this? building now and i’ve got the same issue… no switch or probe connections register…

@ChrisDonnachie1 What have you tried?

everything mentioned above bud.
controller connects to laptop and easel,
can setup, jog machine, change some $ values for new speed settings.
but, next stage of limit setup it crashes, switches arent found.

power LED is not lit on front of controller, (not sure if pause/stop button work, havent got to carve yet)
limit switches wont register, probe wont register.
in machine editor no green when try any switches manually.
ribbons all seated correct, wiring all metered/checked, switches checked, $ values for 5,21 etc all ok.

this was the only thread i can find with the same issue.

EDIT: (should have read your reply) Are you sure the switches are wired correctly? Seems unlikely they’d all be bad.

Hey Chris,

What i found out with the limit switches was the pics on the build page were backwards. Had to move the leads to the other side. Three terminals and had them backwards.

The z probe was another issue completely. I ended up rewiring the connector myself. After calling a couple of times and would get a call back a couple of days later when I was at work, I gave up and tried to rewire myself. I reworked the connector for the z probe on the machine to so automatically trip the connection and it worked. So I made it so it will auto trip the connection of the probe. This is a redundant feature anyways.

I believe that the actual problem was the board my z probe plugs into. But after emailing inventables and with some frustration I get them to send me a new z probe kit which changed nothing. My fix works for me but I don’t like not being able to get a hold of support directly so I just rigged it myself.

Long story short I had to fix it on my own and find it regretful that support was so hard to get on the phone with.

so the red wire stays on the middle prong, but switch the black wire to the front or far left, as opposed to whats shown on the set up pics? My Z limit switch doesnt work now either. DId the set up test and it goes all the way up, trips the limit switch and keeps turning.