Z Probe Placement

I have a newbiee question, when placing the probe on my project, would the exact spot where the bit touches the probe be considered by the machine the "bottom left starting point or does the machine adjust from that spot the diameter of the probe? I seem to be getting the carve moved over about a 1/2 inch from where I set my X/Y axis.

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Hi Michael,
The center of the bit when you select set x,y zero porition is the placement of the x y zeros.

You can actually jog anywhere to probe z, then jog the spindle elsewhere to set x,y zero wherever you like. The position where z zero is set is irrelevant to where x,y zeros are set.

However a common issue that occurs is when a new user selects the wrong version (year model) xcarve during the easel setup, this will set the machine to use the incorrect calibration and this might give the appearance that the x,y zeros are off.
Does it return to the correct position at the end of the carve?

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Yes it does, I will try that now

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