Z-Probe Plate Non-Connectivity

Hello! Just put my X Carve together and things were going great getting to know the ins and out of the machine and Easel last night.

This morning, when using my Z-Probe, the plate/puck is not showing connectivity with the drill bit. Everything is hooked up properly, and I am out of ideas.

Does anyone have any ideas for what could cause this? Thanks!

Do you have the clamp on the collet or the bit?

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The clamp is on the collet

Do the Z-probe circuit show continuity at all when tested “outside” the Xcarve?
Do Easel Machine Inspector “probe led” turn green?

I have found when clamped to the collet you need to take the collet off and sand the paint off. It is hard to get a ground thru the paint. Also can you touch the clamp to the puck and get a reading?

I’m new to x-carve, and I had a connectivity problem with my z-probe right out of the box. My issue ended up being a poor connection associated with female jack for the z-plug.

Referencing this diagram: z-probe

for the female jack, P and R are supposed to be bridged, but with my hardware, R wasn’t secured to the eyelet beneath the heat shrink. I soldered it to the eyelet (though I think electrical tape would have done fine) and haven’t had problems with detection since.

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I have a similar issue on a brand new setup while testing my z-probe. I will try the sanding the paint off.

Is it ok to use the clamp around the drill bit? It did work for me when going that route.

As long as it stays on, yes.