Z probe questions

I haver a Millright Carve King and use Easel. I am looking for a touch plate to make my life easier. Any suggestions? I’m hoping for something that is pretty much plug and play. I want it to retain Z from one bit to the next on a single project.

How does a probe connect to your machine?

I believe it can plug directly into the control board

Make your own. It is real easy.

Lots of different “plugs”, but this is my favorite Z probe.

I have actually made something like this and it does work but there always seems to be a slight height difference between big changes. I want to make sure that both bits are at the exact same height.

And I love your videos. Very informative.

Sounds like an issue with the probing routine.
What software are you using to control the machine?
Are you running separate jobs or one job with tool changes?

I am using easel. The homemade touch plate is not wired in. That’s why I’m looking for something I can directly connect. Because as of now I have to jog it into position.