Z-Probe stops working

Just busted another bit when the z-probe decided not to work. That makes 3 in as many months.

We have been through 3 z-probes not including the 6 or so times we have had to fix broken wires or bad solders. We remove the connectors and soldered it directly to the long wire to avoid some issues.

Anyone else having these problems?

Anyone have a suggestion for a better z-probe?

I eliminated the plug and direct wired mine. Check all your connections to the plug, clip and the puck. The first time mine was in the puck Second time after several years the plug went out. Steve

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Eliminate all weak points. Solder the wires together which eliminates the plug. Attach a screw with the wire at the puck. Eliminate that plug. The less moving parts the better for something that get tons on use and lots of wear and tear.

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Thanks @PhillipLunsford! as mentioned above we have already done that.

With all that being done, what is breaking now? The wire?

Yup. Yesterday wire broke right near the clip. Took a while to find it.

They just need a little better quality. I’m sure using it once or twice a day or week it’s fine. We use ours multiple times a day and as mentioned have been through 3 plus 1/2 dozen or more fixes.

That’s an extremely thin wire. Something like 22 gauge. Swap out the entire wire for a 16 or 18 gauge wire

For those of us who don’t quickly grasp the fix, could you provide a couple of pics or even one of your great videos on this topic. I’m sure many would appreciate it.

Yup which is why I brought it up here. Look at the number of modifications you and us have suggested.

All changes Inventables could make to produce a better product.

Of course the other side is if we have to make that many modifications why buy it at all?

Hopefully Inventables sees the thread and can make a few changes to make the z-probe better.