Z Probe Troubleshooting

The first day I used this it was fine.

Next day; the screw that keeps the z axis from crushing the z homing switch moved and killed my z homing switch.

I replaced this easily and reset the screw.

Now I’m trying to get the Z probe working and the circle is always blank in the testing screen. I’ve unplugged it; checked wiring, etc… I have the instructables fine collect for my Dewalt 611.


You could troubleshoot it, starting on the controller itself by unscrewing the 2 wires going to the Z-probe, and connect a jumper wire, or better a switch, instead. Start with the jumper wire connected/switch closed. When easel asks to connect the Z-probe, disconnect the wire/open the switch. When easel asks to touch the plate, connect the wire/close the switch.
If this works, you know there are no issues with the controller.

Once, i had quite te same issue, but the problem was that I did not completely inserted the Z-probes connector. Inside the connector on the Xcarve, there is a switch inside, which was not fully actuated.

I hope this helps you a little further.

so is it possible that if I have the wires for each of the motors plugged into the wrong inserts on the board? When I originally calibrated the machine I noticed things were going in the wrong direction. It seems like the labels on the wires are labeled incorrectly?