Z Probe when Easel is setting Z position

HI folks,
I have an older machine with the Z Probe installed. When I have completed the Machine setup and I go to Carve my project. I am able to test the ZProbe connection and that works. When it is time for the software to set the Z Position the spindel moves up and not down to the touch plate.
I am using Easel, Dewalt 611.
I will look forward to your feedback.

Have you tried using the jogging controls to jog the Z-Axis Up and Down (choose a small value)? If the Z-Axis moves in the opposite direction than what you initiated then you should be able to run through the setup of the machine in EASEL. There should be a section in there that allows you to switch the direction.


Brandon Parker

Thank you for the suggestion. I found the ground wire was loose. I resoldered it and it is work again.