Z probe with g codes

I just started using vectric pro for the v carve inlay function. When I go to setup the carves there isn’t the zprobe function. Is there a way to fix this?

I do not think Vectrics has that. You could set your zero up in easel to start then change programs.

In Vectric you have to set all the heights that you need prior to creating the gcode. It is one of the options in the drop down menus. Once you send the gcode to whatever sender you are using either easel, UGS, picsender

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Hi Jacob, Are you sending the gcode using the Vetric tool or are you saving the gcode and using a different sender?
If so which one.

Personally I prefer to send gcode with OpenBuilds Control as the gcode sender. It has the build in probes, a mobile pendant option (use your cell phone to jog the cnc and set zeros including probing) and a bunch more better features than the other programs. :man_shrugging: