Z probe works but when i press carve on easel it only cuts air

Im using a CNC Shield kit to control my CNC everything is working fine i have already set the thickness of the 11.9mm wood sheet and 12mm Z probe. Upon setting up my carve sequence I properly home the machine and set my xyz with the probe. After pressing carve my router bit wont fully lower the 12 mm of the probe thickness so it just cuts in the air. I also tried -12 to see if it would invert itself but i still cant figure out whats wrong with my settings. This is my last step to produce results with the machine. can anyone please enlighten me with some advice. Im under the G-91 command for the probe.

Can you set your Z-zero manually directly on top of your material (omit the probe) to rule out any thickness mismatch?

Did you design/send gcode via Easel only or did you use other design/CAM software?

I had similar issues with my Bob’s CNC. The problem was that when I tried to program the Arduino with my Mac it wouldn’t take. Problem solved by using a PC to program Arduino. I still have problems with the z probe, it works fine with 1/8 shank cutters but not with 1/4 shank. go figure. Good luck