Z-scale seems off? Too small by a factor of 5

Both when I use the jog function and while I’m cutting, the z-scale seems to be off? If I have the units in jog set to one inch, the X & Y axis seem to move by an inch. If I reduce to 0.1 inches, the X & Y move by 0.1 inch. These distances don’t corelate correctly in the Z-axis though.

If I measure an X or Y movement, I can measure an exact 0.1" with a jog step. When I do the same move in the Z-axis though, the head only moves 0.02"? Is this supposed to be a direct translation like the X & Y coordinates or is it being scaled by 1/5 on purpose? Have I maybe set something wrong on my setup?

My material to be cut is 0.05" thick. When I set my depth of cuts, those distances seem to be incorrect as well. I ask for a cut to be 0.02" deep and the cutter barely scratches the surface. If I then set my material to 0.1" and my cut at 0.05" I get a cut that’s maybe 0.01" deep.

My safe height after a cut is set at 0.25"… I think it too is only raising my bit by 0.05" (JUST barely over my work surface)

My guess… You have a 3018, but ran the setup as if you had an X carve Z-axis.
What machine do you have?
What’s your $102 setting?

  • The stepper indents are a fixed value (typically 200 steps per revolution)
  • The belts/screws are also a fixed value, one stepper revolution = one specific distance travelled

That leaves two factors which the user can change in order to properly calibrate his/hers machine:

  • Microstep setting, performed on the stepper driver usually by configuration of microswitches.
    Use the least amount of microstep value (half step, quarter step etc), just enough to get your machine to move smoothly. Anything more is wasted.
  • Step/mm value, GBRL parameter $100-$102. Done in software.

Thank you both! I was able to find my Z-axis setting ($102) and confirmed that it was only set at 188 steps/mm when compared to the X & Y that were both set at 800!

Once I set this, is that value typically set for the machine or do I have to adjust it for every program that I use? (I have different software for laser etching and engraving)

Yes :slight_smile: