Z slider wrong screw or wrong settings?

I bought a Z-slider on ebay from seller cnc4newbie1.
It’s a direct drive with the motor on top. Apparently the screw on this one has 16 turns per inch. Is there a way to make this work? I’m having to set the $102 value quite high and by the time I get it to where it should move the distance I tell it to the motor makes a sound like it’s binding up and either it doesn’t go anywhere or it moves erratically. It seems to work fine at a low value like 50 but it doesn’t move very far.

I’m using UGS, I have not used Easel yet.

You need to adjust your steps per mm if it is not the same screw as the original Z assembly.
If it has the fast screw the z stepper will move much slower after steps/mm are set. Slower movement of a stepper is much louder.
Example is probing function is much louder as the plunge is only about 5-10 in/min.

I think your $102 setting should be around $102=252.16 that should get you in the ballpark and you can calibrate your steps from there. If you look for cnc4newbies i think you will find some good material there.

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I think what I did wrong was that I was trying to use 8x microstepping and apparently this slider doesn’t like that. I got it back on 2x and $102=252 and it seems to be working ok. I don’t know what the z acceleration is supposed to be I currently have it at 100