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Z Upgrade Issue - Need Help

I just completed installation of the Z axis. I re-programmed the settings as indicated in the instructions. I ran a test cut and . . . . . the first section cut correctly. However, after moving to the next section to cut, the z-axis did not lower, basically cutting air above what should have been into wood of the second section. Any words of wisdom? Any and all help is appreciated.

Also . . . . when I was setting up the cut, the 1 inch step movement on the Z axis is significantly greater than the Z-axis, so I had to use the smaller step increments. I have owned the x carve for 4 years and never experience this. . . .

Thanks in advance

I would do an actual measurement of how much the z moves for one inch and recalculate that parameter which is changing $102 in the settings. It’s a ratio of what you want / to what you get and then multiplied by the number that $102 is now.

The same happened to me and my Z-axis barreled into the waste board with the bit not on or spinning. That was a lovely moment.
I believe it’s in the settings they ask you to change in the Advanced Machine settings. The X-Carve I owned the settings were such that the current $3 was $4 so I set it to $0 based on this chart. I called Inventables and they had me set it to $7 like they mention in the instructions and that corrected my Z-axis accuracy.

See the Recalibration section at the bottom of this link:

I am having the same issue. The $3 value I believe is an inversion value so it will not matter other than correct the z axis going up or down. I am trying to get an answer from support and will post if they can come up with a solution. I bet if you cut through a piece you will find that the initial cut will not go all of the way through and then proceeds to rise above the piece by that much on the next path…as is the case with mine…

You’re losing steps.

Wouldn’t losing steps mean that it does not attempt to cut, rather just pulls out and begins a new path? Mine just reaches a minimum and begins to cut the same depth for 4 or 5 passes and then moves to the next path but that much higher.

Okay, so upon further investigation I figured out the issue atleast relative to mine, the height of the router as well as the mounting position of the z axis to the gantry was too high creating a stop when the slides on the z plate bottomed out. I believe instructions for mounting should require a test in which you drop the router bit to the wasteboard… or at least an easier explanation as to where to mount the z plate.

When your Z bottomed out, steps were lost.
It “thought” it was lower than it was, so it retracts higher than expected. Everything after that would end up higher than programmed.
Glad you found the reason!