Z Zero problem

I did my first cut after putting my x carve together, and during the cut it all started out just fine and about 3/4 of the way through the test project in easel it starting cutting deeper and deeper on the z axis until the bit broke. It kind of seems like it reset it’s zero during the project, the router doesn’t appear like it came loose especially for how much deeper it was cutting, and the bit didn’t loosen at all either. Has anyone else had this issue or does anyone know a fix to this maybe I put something on wrong or tightened something too much? Any help would be appreciated.

It sounds like you are either losing steps on the Z axis or the pulley could be slipping.

There is a calibration thread around here somewhere. Try that and make sure your Z pulleys are not slipping (Lock Tite on the set screws).

If you’re using 1/8" upcut spiral bit with collete adapter, your bit might be sleppin down. You may want to buy 1/8" collete if this is the case.

Def need more info.

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Easel will not reset itself during a carve, it would abort if that was the case.
You are loosing steps, from a single issue or a combination of several.

Since your problems seem to start when your bit is deep => may be an indication of bit rubbing from not being perfectly squared to your waste board. Also could be chips dont clear properly and the bit re-engage them causing higher tool load which increase the chance of missed steps.

Post a picture of the carve results. You could be losing steps on X or Y so it goes off path and is doing full depth cuts.