Zach Kaplan on this weeks Makercast podcast

You can listen to the podcast here

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Listening to it in the shop now.

I liked the comment that just sending out another 50 X-Carves to schools does not really make a dent in the need that schools across the country have. I am looking forward to hearing what Inventables long term plan for getting maker tools into schools will be.

I would like to be able to help.


I really like the idea of spending 100.00 a day to innovate need a bit of cash flow but I hope to be heading in that direction soon

good podcast

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Thanks! I only did it for a few weeks. I found the budget for it by discontinuing drinking alcohol and going out to dinner during that time. I ate every meal from food from the grocery store inside Wal-Mart. Specifically going to bars (I was in college) and drinking beer freed up a ton. Also I had 4 roommates so rent back then was about $200 a month.

It’s amazing how much money you have left over when you cut out beer!

oh I hear that lol I currently live on a total of 70.00 including living expenses a day and all the rest of my money goes straight into the business to grow it I dont have much of a personal social life but when you commit to something you better commit and the result has potential to be great. I really enjoy listening to how companies got there start its inspiring especially when you hear the stories about i had a 100 bucks and a dream

Keep pushing @ontheEDGE the tools at your disposal today are magnificent. You can pretty much learn any technical skill on YouTube. You can look up most hard questions. You can look up all the “noob” stuff now. Web hosting is available for free, email is free, a website can be made for free, microcontrollers are under $20.

With a laptop and some ambition you can take over the world.

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hey all that is very true heck i have learned 3d modeling, android app development, graphic arts, and cnc design all from youtube and other websites. much more visually appealing than sticking your nose in a textbook and probrably not having great projects in college to do anyways i have sure been there as well

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Just gave this a listen today, and glad I did.

It’s interesting to hear how @Zach_Kaplan, and the many other hands at Inventables shaped what we see today.

I’d just assumed that Inventables started with the X-Carve. I had no idea about the origins. It’s interesting to see how the company started in one direction, but through genuine curiosity, hard work, and ability to recognize opportunity, was able to evolve and take other paths to get to what we see today. I think there’s a lesson in that for all of us.

I ordered my X-Carve a couple of weeks back after wavering over what t buy and from whom for a long time. I was pretty happy with my choice before, but after hearing the podcast I’m really glad I went the direction I did.

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