Zero coordinate problem

Hi All, I recently created a project to use Easel to carve fret slots in guitar fingerboards of 3 different scale lengths, the first two projects went perfectly but the final project for some reason decided that the x plane zero point was going to be 39356.180 mm from the start of the work, any body any idea how this happened, I thought I could just change this by exporting the code to code writer and changing the co ordinates but the code writer only starts from G21 command, and the zero points are before this, I could just wrewrite the project but it seems a shame to lose this work

Can you share the project and/or the gcode?

Hi I deleted the project from Easel after I found that i couldn’t alter it but I had already saved the G code as an .nc file on my computer so I will attempt to attach it to this message fretboard 24.75 628mm frets only (1).nc (14.6 KB) , I hope this has worked Thanks

I ran your code in Mach 3 and I had to zoom in so far to see anything happen. First, there is no x0y0 code at the beginning. You are taking a lot of passes per slot too. It goes down 2.5 mm. What is the depth of your fret tang? My simulation takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. If you are using a little .023 bit, I think that you can inquire about the feed and speed from the seller. It seems to run OK, but I didn’t run it in real time.

One of your last lines have x as 39356 too. It jumps from line 702 x 487.579 to line 706 x 39356. That could be a problem…lol. This explains why I had to zoom in to see anything happen.

I would suggest you use the stewmac fret calculator and creat a file for the fret spacing in Notepad or Wordpad. Then create your arc for the fret slot. You can then copy and paste those fret slot numbers and change the z- value as many times as you like. It’ll reduce the line count to about 120 lines or so.

Well, no way to fix the source then.

How many slots were you intending? There are 25 in the reasonable machine space. That extra stuff is at your neighbor’s house (a few houses down).

Here’s the same file with that distant fret removed. (If that was the only issue)
fretboard 24.75 628mm frets (reduced).nc (14.0 KB)