Zero is off coarse

When I set my zero and start to carve the router comes toward me instead of across the work area, don’t know if I’m explaining that rite or not, never has done that before, when I click the detailed cut it shows the path coming off the board toward me, then going back to the work area, how do I fix this? or delete the tool path that comes off the work area?

Can you share your project (Easel file) amd snap a picture of how your machine/material is oriented when at zero?

I suspect there is design work outside your field of view and the machine is trying to go there.
Zoom way out and look for it.


I have to agree with @MarkA.Bachman that you have something outside the work area that you may not know about.

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I have a best practice were I select all before carving to make sure I don’t have any erroneous unwanted elements.

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CTRL + A :slight_smile: