Zero position of spindle

So can anyone tell me if the center of the spindle is supposed to line up with the zero axis points for the x and y axis? Mine doesn’t come anywhere near it.

I thought that zero was set depending on work. So you set it to the zero point of your work

Not understanding what you’re trying to say. The spindle should be plumb and square relative to the other axes.

As JP noted, where you set your zero depends on your needs / workflow, e.g., when cutting inlay one wants to reference the surface of the stock as Z-zero, but when cutting a rabbet one wants to reference the Wasteboard.

Maybe the overview and attendant links will help?

There’s also a glossary:

(If anyone has any suggestions on additional terms or improvements for the latter I’d be glad of them)

Sorry Guys, I didn’t mean to be so vague. I think it was past my bedtime when I posted that. I dont have any issues with setting my zero points. What I was referring to is the positioning of the graphic on the wasteboard compared to the travel limits of the spindle. My spindle y axis doesnt travel far enough to reach the “0” point of the graphic. It seems that there is a lot of empty space at the top of the wasteboard that the image could have been ipmrinted higher up the board and not so close to the edge. My reasoning behind this is that I use the y and x axis in easel and compare that to what i see on the board and my x-carve doesnt physically travel that far. The ruler is off to me and thats kind of frustrating.


My board does the same i just made a new X point and reference off that as my zero point. i think they made a boo boo in design on the screen print for our spindle the stock one.


I have my machine set up so that when I Home the machine the spindle is directly over the reference graphic in the left/front of the waste board grid (0,0).

Do you have homing switches? Can you post a picture of your X- carve from the front?

I messed up. I found out that my belt tensioners should have been in the rear of the machine. I put them in the front for easier access. That is why mine is off.