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Zero probe

Hi yal

I am planning to buy a zero probe
And where do I buy one
Is there something I should think about?
I have never used a zero prob


Hi Robert
Now I have read through everything that was in the link
But I do not know how or what to buy

If all you want is a Z probe. Go here -->

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if you want the probe that finds all three axis that will help you restart carves and etc. here is a link to the product that everyone is referring to.

to do all three axis you need more that just the touch plate. you will need something to generate the G-Code to touch off all three corners that can be recalculate for different bit sizes. this product also has a program that does that and stores the information for future use. this is the products everyone is talking about because it saves so much time having it all in one program.


The Triquetra 3 axis Auto Zero Touch Plate Kit is so much better that a plain Z-probe. Well worth the cost, especially on sale. Charlie is fantastic if you need any support.

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I use the triquetra touch plate. Its great. And @CharleyThomas is a great guy that offers outstanding support. He spent a couple of hours on the phone with me to install and fine tune the touch plate that he makes. I cannot say enough great things about Charley and his products.

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Ditto on everything people say about Charlie. He is the salt of the earth. You won’t find a more customer focused individual anywhere you look than Charlie. He has sent me more upgrades and helped with issues than I can count and all his support is free.

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With the current Sale I am having I have made it super easy for you. With the current 30% discount you get it all! And… it’s cheaper than ordering just the touch plate alone even before shipping!! If you have ever been thinking about ordering but held off for what ever reason, NOW is the time to join the over 500 Happy Triquetra Users.

With over 500 sold, I have refunded only 2. One was lost in the mail and the other was due to the customers CNC electrical supply problem. Even that one was repurchased a month later when he got is Electrical problem resolved.

Get it HERE


Hi Charley
How much for shipping to Sweden
With the endplates too and all I need for zeros


With the current sale I have you would receive a $35.25 US discount on your entire order. Your order would include:

1 each Triquetra Touch Plate

2 each Data Disks with the Triquetra Tool Box, G-Code Generator Spreadsheet, lots of videos, and other help documents.

1 each 6 foot long (182 CM) wire set with a Magnetic Ground connector and Banana Plug pre-soldered on for you.

4 each Y Axis Lift Plates to raise your machine up 25.4 cm with longer screws for mounting.

1 each X Controller plug if you are using the X Controller

Your order Total will be $116.20 US which includes shipping. I ship all orders in a US Postal Service Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box. It is a tight fit getting all of the above items in the box but It will fit. The actual shipping charge is 33.95 to Sweden and is included in the total of $116.20

I have one set of Y axis plates in stock at this time but will be making more today.

Thank you for your interest,

Charley Thomas
Triquetra CNC

Hi Charley

Thank´s for all information
First a question: what is an x-controller, what´s it use for
I have an 1000mm x-carve

How do I pay for the items and shipping to you?
credit card or paypal or…?


If you own an X-Carve you may have purchased an X-Controller pictured below:

When you place your order on my website there is an option box for selecting your controller. You have two options, 1 X-Controller and 2. All others.

This just lets me know if I should include the plug adapter for the X Controller in your order or not.

For Payment, when you checkout through my website you will be redirected to PayPal for payment. Your credit card information is NEVER entered on my website. It is handled completely through PayPal. This is to protect both you and I.

To receive the 30% off on both the Touch Plate kit and the Y Axis lift kit, add the Touch Plate kit to your order first and then add the Y Axis lift kit to the order before you check out. If you have any problems please email me directly at

Charley Thomas
Triquetra CNC

Ok Charley
I don´t have that one on the picture

Please specify all the parts I need.
I like to place an order

I just sent you an email with links to the products you asked about. Let me know if you need more help.


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seriously Bob
I have not had a thought about it
I’ve been too busy with the X-carve
I bought and looked after
to learn it fully

I’m sorry Bob

I will not place any question on this forum no more
You satisfied ?

Kristian you shouldn’t hesitate to post questions. These forums are the reason I made my purchase of the xcarve. There are more people here interested in helping then you might think.

I’m certainly no expert on the xcarve but I have found searching the forums will answer most of my questions. I always search first.

Some replies I see here make me shake my head. Laugh it off and move forward if you don’t appreciate the reply. We are learning from others experience and knowledge. Even when a reply asks if we searched first.


Thank you so much for those comforting words,
It gives me hope
I had searched before I posted that question
But did not find a good answer
Because I still consider myself a beginner
I find it difficult to ask them “right” questions
Maybe I should start by asking how to search.

Once again
Thank you for those comforting words

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What a great guy Charley is
I had problems to place the order
but he sent me an invoice with all the part
I just had to pay it
What a great service he have

It´s going to be interesting to recieve the items and see if I can install them

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Just read over the material at least three times. comprehension sets in and it will start to make sense. once you start understanding what the commands do and how it is done, then start using it. we all had problems understanding at first but with time, patience, and practice you will start doing the zero probe like it is nothing.

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I hear and obey :smiley: :smiley: