Zero zero zero 0 0 0

so when youre homing your machine and getting your starting point all set…is zero zero the space outside your workspace, inside the workspace or on the actual path? ive attached a picture so as to explain my issue. im getting ready to drill holes for my new wasteboard and wanted to check where my bit sits in the real world in comparison to the easel file im working on. all of this real only creates an issue when you start paying attention to larger bits being used. if you had a bit that was a hair wide it wouldn’t matter, but if youre drilling holes that are 1/4 inch across and your bits a 1/4 inch, it will make quite a bit of difference if youre on the other side of a line. thanks for your time.

If you are starting in the lower left like it shows the center of the bit should right on the zero zero. If you do not have a way to locate that put a vbit in and use the point on it to zero it then change the bit to what you need.


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