Zeroing z-axis after a tool change

There seems to be a lot of discussions about tool changes and zeroing of the z-axis after a tool change. Has anybody tried the depth ring method described here?

Wait i think those types of Bits come with Carvey. Would be interesting to use on the X-carve.

Some of the bits I get from Drillman1 on eBay (a forum fav) have those rings. I’ve just been re-zeroing since it only takes a few seconds, rather than trusting that I managed to keep the bit ring flush while I was tightening the collet.

I use a similar setup with MaxNC CNC. I got some drill index / rings? I forget what they are called, from my local Lowe’s. And used those to make the length of all my bits the same. Except my roughing bit which was a inch longer but I had a offset length setup in the software to automatically compensate.

It wasn’t perfect but as I usually only used a roughing bit and a final bit it worked good enough.

With Easel if you have early access (anyone can get it if you ask) you can do 1 tool change. When you do you can click the button that says “use last home position” or you can Z-zero by touching off the corner again.

On Carvey the bit will touch off the button on the smart clamp each time.