Zoom to Box

It would be awesome if Easel had a “Zoom To Box” function so you didn’t have to zoom + then adjust vertical and horizontal position. Then zoom +, adjust H and V, etc. Also, a “Pan By Hand” function would be great. These may already be available and I apologize if they are and I haven’t seen them. I’m not the most computer literate person. The ZTB with the already available “Home” would be powerful tools for me. Thanks for reading and I love my X-Carve! Just added the 611 router and it’s luscious!


I agree, but FYI, if you are using a mouse or trackball with a scroll wheel, holding the CTRL key while scrolling will zoom, and holding the shift key while scrolling will pan left and right.
Scrolling without either key pans vertically.


I use a trackball mouse and I am very appreciative of you taking the time to share this very useful information. It is so much faster!

Thank you Kelly!