Zooming in & out?

Hey guys.

Is there a way to use the scroll wheel on my mouse to zoom in/out on the work instead of using the + - buttons.
It’s a frustrating thing to click on the + - buttons, workflow could be so much quicker and efficient if possible to use the scroll wheel.

Yes, in the same manner that a browser is zoomed in and out.
Press and hold the Ctrl (or command on a Mac) and then use the scroll wheel to zoom in/out.

I will warn you though, if the mouse is outside the preview and the design areas, like at the header, or side of the page, it will zoom the Entire browser, not just the viewer in Easel.
So to re-set the browser back the hotkey for that is Ctrl+0 to reset the browsers zoom to 100%.

Here’s the hotkey list: https://inventables.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012725194-Easel-Keyboard-Shortcuts Note that this was written by a Mac user, so if using Windows, you will replace “command” with the Ctrl key.

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