Zplunge™ and SuckIt Dust Boot - V1.0

Both are these products are pretty good; great value and features.

However they currently don’t fit 100% together.
Here is my version 1.0 mashup of the two. 1.0 has some issues - the boot is too high. Only will reach 1/2" material.
Version 2.0 with the two notches might fix that (the rails will be lower)! Or use longer brushes!

Anyway, first a test run!

I cut a notch in the aluminum rails to fit around the X carriage wheels.

The rails are attached directly via bolts that are screwed in the carriage (threading new holes in the carriage is super easy).

Since the boot arms are now wider, I had to make the boot wider.
Some simple spacers and longer bolts to the rescue.

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Version 1.5 - Cut two notches in the rails and simply attach flush to the X carriage.