Zprobe connection

Hi I have just got the Zprobe and do not know what the red and black bare wires connect to, I thought I would have got a small diagram

Do you have the X-Controller?


Thank you Ron, I have followed the instructions and got it set up until I go to set up machine again and and get the bit over the material every thing is greyed out it did work at first but when I touched the probe to the router bit it was showing not connected and when I removed it it was showin connected ,eveything is in reverse, the wiring on the X controller is correct red to probe and black to gound I have no idea what is wrong

Hi Patrick…

I had the same issue with my x-controller … check this link. Be sure to read from the top before jumping into it.

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Once a learner. Now you are the master. Lol. Seriously. That’s what this forum is all about. Take what you need and give back what you can.

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Hi Ron
Easel now have a place to upload the firmware-- machine> advanced>upload firmware, I have tried this and it has worked a few times and then stopped working, now it’s working again, so it’s a bit hit and miss, it seems to be a bit greyed out on the screen, I will try it for a while and see how it goes