Zprobe not accurate with easel

Hello, I used all the steps to launch a new job, including adding the value of my touch plate tickness (with a caliper) when creating a new machine, but when asking to cut 0.1mm, it is more like 0.5mm, so there is a big gap beetween the two value (request vs fact).
Under Candle, using the same caliper value for the touch plate tickness, the cut request value of 0.1 match the groove depth, so the problem is software related to Easel.
Should I decrease the touch plate tickness value in Easel to compensate for the error?

I have noticed and reported that if your z probe is not 14.99 mm there are a number of scenarios that will cause the entered custom probe thickness to be reset to the 14.99mm thickness used for the unventables sold one.

By chance is your probe thickness about 19mm?

If this does sound like your issue, I’ll go into further depth of the many ways I’ve been able to cause the issue, and what you can do to avoid the issue…

That said, I simply export my gcode and use OpenBuilds control as my sender which avoids the issue alltogether

Thanks, My probe is 13.75mm, so if Easel go back to 19mm, then I believe it will mill 13.75-19 = 5.25mm, but that’s not the case. I will have a look to openbuild.

14.99 is the default… thinking about it again, my math was backwards… since your probe is smaller then it would result in excess initial plunge…

That said, the easy test is to probe z, then at the following screen, click the x out, then use the manual control arrows to bring the z down to just touching the board top, right where you probed at, then open machine>general settings>machine inspector and then verify what it says for z location, is it zero or a number value?

If its a number value of the default probe offset from your custom thickness, this is a clear indication that the probe has been reset to the default. So 14.99-13.75= 1.24mm

However looking back at the original post, you mentioned candle… what type of cnc is this?

Initial plunge is one thing indicating the probe thickness could be off…, but I’m thinking that it could be a different issue: calibration.
What depth does a 0.2mm depth pocket carve? If 0.1mm =0.5mm and a 0.2mm =1mm this is an indication that the $102 is set wrong. Can you post your $102 grbl setting? Along with the cnc type.

It’s a Saintsmart 3018 Prover.
the $102=800.
If the calibration was the problem, I should have the same problem with Candle I believed. (upload://2LsUDoaCx5gW18B9PsiDbnph6cp.jpeg)

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