0.0 start point but cuts outside boundary of material

I have the millright Carve King 2 (hobbyist machine) I know very little but am trying to learn, please keep it simple for me… I have my 0.0 on left front corner. Image is within blue area. I follow all the steps to carve. When it starts carve it goes beyond material at front and starts cut where metal frame is. I have tried homing but the z axis goes to top makes the grind sound and then homing fails. When in carve i click use new position and when i shut cut down because it is wrong it goes right back to my front left corner. I am completely lost. TIA

Do the manual movement buttons drive the machine in the correct directions? LeftArrow=left movement, right=right, . . forward=forward, etc? If these are wrong the settings can be changed to correct this issue.

If you jog 25mm, does it actually move 25mm?

You should probably fix the homing situation. Do you have switches?

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