1/16th bit is too wide as it goes down!

Forgive me but I am frustrated beyond belief!
How the hell do you carve out thinner letters with the 1/16th bit when the dang bit gets wider as it goes down, which causes the letters to break!!??
I am down to a 1/4 inch thick wood just to try and get a name carved out and it still breaks the pieces!
Do they make a 1/16th bit that stays 1/16 thick far enough up the bit to cut out words???
Please help before I throw this thing out the door.

Thanks. So that means the 1/16th width is 1/2 inch long, right?

I have been using these they work well, I have them in1/8, 1/16, 1/32, I have cut 1/4" material with them.

Now it may not work with your design but if your able to split the letters up some and use and thicker bit (1/8) then using the standard inventables bits should be fine, plus they are harder to break. But if you need something this thin for the design then the recommendations @HenryFeldman and @SteveMoloney are great. Also check out Tools Today and Bits Bits Company for some other options.

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Thank you, Steve. I will give them a try.

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Awesome. Thank you Brandon. I may have to try that.

go to kodiak cutting tools.
i clearance area, they have their discounted bits1/8 to 1/32…these are great at $6-7 a bit. they are measured in mm but there is a conversion chart on the internet to convert to inch fractions. love these so much that i went back and bought more.
yo have to remember that most only go 1/4 inch…obviously because of the thinness. im using 1/16th to cut 24guage copper…fantastic…also the 1/32 endmill on wood you just cant beat…depth of cut, and low feed speed are key…be patient and you project will be great with any of these bits

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Thank you, Glenn.