1/24 T-70 X-Wing

Because I don’t need sleep, I decided to do this to myself. Getting all the plugs ready so I can vacu-form the weekend away.


I envy people with the modeling skills you guys have. This looks incredible.

well, jump in. Just be careful. It becomes a compulsion and it will get out of hand if you let it.


So very cool! I’ve been waiting to see someone use the machine for scale model builds!

I already have too many compulsions! :smile:

Somehow I missed this thread – what an incredible model! Have you made any progress? I’d love to see the finished model!

I’ve done a few more things with it. I have some stuff ordered related to some RC projects.

I grabbed a vacuum pump off ebay and am building a new vac table with a surge tank. I want to vac form some quad copter bodies. I’ve a copy of TFA incredible cross sections book out for delivery from Amazon.

Busy every day and loving it.


Wow those are looking good!

I want one of these so badly! Awesome!

Will be getting back to work on projects. Life happened.

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