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1/32" bits keep breaking

I have the dewalt 611, manual RPM, xcarve. I’m using a 1/32" bit on Philippian Mohagany. If I use the settings in easel the bit breaks quite quickly and I have tried to adjust the feed rate, RPM, and plunge rate with no luck. Any suggestions would be great thank you.

1/32 bites are to small they break really easy, likely you will need to slow your machine down to a crawl. if you have any play at all in your machine it will also make it difficult. I quit trying to use them all together.

I have used these succesfully in the past

unless you are really reaching down into tight areas or are using the bit more like a scroll saw blade, you might be better off with a conical bit. The bit below gets you 1/32 at the tip which will allow you carve a lot of detail while maintaining more width at the collet. These are very resistant to breaking.

I did a project with 1/2 inch white oak where I was cutting all they way through like a scroll saw would. I snapped a lot of 2mm bits. I moved to a 3/32 single flute straight bit from Freud which I now use for scroll saw type work. That leaves about a 2.5mm kerf.

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Those bits should be indestructible at that price! Wow!!


Zirconium Nitride is expensive Traxx. HAHAHA. I am a huge fan of Amana bits, but holy crap that’s steep.

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