1/32", or similar, Single Uncut bit needed

I have an HDPE project where 75% of the carve works with a 1/16" single upcut that I bought from Onsrud, a small area needs an even smaller bit.

I found a 1/32" Single Upcut bit from Harvey Tools, however the distributor doesn’t list the item on their shop page.

Inventables has a 1/32" 2 flute upcut fish tail, though I’ve had bad luck on HDPE using anything but single flutes.

Any suggestions where a bit like this is available?

Using a 1/32 tool is really tricky (they break so eaisily). I would suggest you take a look at a tapered bit

something like this



I broke 3 of them myself. So don’t fell like your the only one.

could you post a picture of what you trying to carve and I might be able to make a suggestion