1/4" bit recommendation for cutting through 1 1/2" wood

I’m looking at cutting through quite a bit of wood stock measuring 1 1/2" thick. This is my first look at what might work well, but wondering what the forum thinks would be a good/better bit… this is a 1/4" upcut bit.

That’s the one that I use.

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Thanks, Jan. My bit came in and it’s cutting great. Here’s a video of the 1 1/2" stock being cut with the new X-Carve upgrade…


whats your feed and speed and depth of cut there?

This is ash so I eased into it. My initial settings were 36ipm with a depth of .2”. Once running, I punched it up to 55ipm amd seemed to cut pretty smoothly. I haven’t had a chance to test the material at higher speeds yet. But will post my results when I do.

Was curious what your router speed setting was at (assuming the DeWalt 611)?
I’m getting missed steps/off path issues. Troubleshooting if it’s the style bit or my settings are off?