1/4" Compression Bit Cut Settings to avoid burn marks

Happy Friday y’all.

Looking for 1/4" Compression Bit Cut Settings to avoid burn marks on 3/4" plywood.

I reduced the RPM from 16K to 8K and increased the feed rate from 128 to 150, got it back to 128, but still the results are the same.

Specs -

  • XCP
  • 3/4" birch plywood
  • Yonico 1/4" Compression Bit
  • Cut Settings: Feed rate 128 ipm, plunge rate 9 ipm, depth per pass 0.25", RPM - 8k

Appreciate all suggestions and guidance.

Note - specifically happening while drilling holes. Most likely will happen during the carve pass but haven’t got to that yet.


That is correct that making holes with a vertical plunge and 0.25" peck depths will likely cause excessive heat and burning…
Instead you could use a 1/8" compression (or downcut) bit and cut 1/4" circle shapes with pocket cut type.

The settings you have would be fine for cuts other than pockets… i would use a higher rpm even…

Are you drilling ¼" holes with a ¼" compression bit? If so, I would expect burning. I would not recommend drilling with anything but a drill or an upcut endmill made for center cutting.
The compression bit will force chips to stay in the hole, which you rub and burn.


Thanks @NeilFerreri1 . The drill is making the bottom veneer layer tear. I was hoping to get it done without a bit change. Do you have recommendation on an upcut enddmill made for center cutting which will not make it burn?

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