1/4" Router Bit Usage

Just wanted to pass this along that I have been using a 1/4" Straight Router Bit (Bosch Precision Pro) and it has been working great. I have been cutting dual-curved poplar surfboard shaped shelves so not just run-of-the-mill items. It has cut down on my run time as I can increase my speed and feed times in comparison to an 1/8" bit. Specs below. Let me know if you have questions!

Question. What specs?

Ah, sorry, forgot to include this.

Feed: 72" / min
Plunge: 24" / min
Depth / Pass: 0.06"

Fill Method: Offset
Plunge: 20 degrees

Can I use 1/4" shanks in my X-Carve? I have a Dewalt router so it is a bit older. I bought it used and I am just learning. I can’t find 1/8" shank bowl bits.

There are lots of 1/8th inch router bits with 1/4 inch shanks.
A bowl bit is probably not available on an 1/8th inch shank, it could not take the load, or have to be fed so slowly that you would grow old waiting for the carve to finish.
To look at a wide selection of bits just go to Amazon, you do not need to buy there but they have a pretty good catalogue.

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Yes you can use 1/4" shank bits. Check out Whiteside ones. I also have a 1/4 to 1/8" adapter for dremel bits that I use in my Dewalt. I’ve used up to 1/2 D straight and roundnose on my xcarve w/ Dewalt.

This is a guitar bridge I made today on my little 3018 with a Freud 3/8dia roundnose and a whiteside 1/4 shank but 1/8" straight bit. The 1/8 mills the slot and holes. The roundnose carves the rest. I draw in Rhino 3d. The slot and hole gcode was created in Easel.