1/8" collet bit in a 1/4" collet?

This may be a real stupid question but, is there an adapter that would allow me to use the 1/8" collet bits in my DeWalt 611 collet. I’m thinking like a 1/4" shaft with a 1/8" center that has a slot cut in it? I can see how that might put the bit slightly off center (maybe) just wondering if it has been tried?

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Inventables sells one, but I wouldn’t trust using an adapter if you need fine precision with lowest possible runout

Yes sir. https://www.inventables.com/technologies/collet-adapter

There is also a more precise version we sell in the configurator. You can also get it from Precise Bits.

The proper collets are not expensive, and they are both easier to use, and considerably more precise than an adapter. :smile:


Elaire or Precisebits both sell aftermarket collets for the DWP611. I bought the Elaire one, it comes with a collet and nut as one unit that you just screw off and on just like the stock collet for the router.

Do yourself a favor and just buy the 1/8 collet.

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Thanks guys I had done some googling and couldn’t find an 1/8" collet for the DeWalt. I’ll add Precisebits and Elaire to my searches and see what I can find. Thanks again for all the input.

Here’s the link to Elaire:


Look for DWP-1250 part way down the page.

Thanks for the link bill with the previous suggestion I was able to find them and actually already ordered the part. Thanks again.