1/8 Inch Collet for Dewalt 611 in the UK?

Loving my X Carve but frustrated at being limited to bits with 1/4 inch diameter shank.

I bought a cheap set of bits from Amazon just to get used to them before investing in some better quality ones, but they all have an 1/8 inch shank.

Obvious answer - get a collet to go from 1/4 to 1/8 inch! My problem is that in the UK I can’t find any except the cheap stuff from China on eBay/Amazon on a 4 week shipping time.

So can anyone in the UK recommend a suitable 1/8 inch collet for the 611?


I bought stuff from elaircorp.com in the past for my Dewalt and Bosch routers. Excellent service and had in a couple of days. There’s the link below for the 1/8" collet for Dewalt.


Thanks for that but I was hoping to find a UK supplier. Shipping from the US is not impossible but it’s expensive and takes ages.