1 sign, multiple bits

Howdy folks,
So I want to carve out a Harley Davidson sign. I need to use 3 bits, several stages to sign, I haven’t a clue where to start. I’ve search YouTube, Easel, blah blah blah. Can someone point me in the right direction? Yes, I am challenged when working with this machine, I know what I want to do but finding help isn’t all that easy.

Thanks in advance… Geo

Check out this post: 2 part cut and bit change? - #3 by LukeGarner

Should have everything you’re looking for.

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Let me know if you need help creating the file.


Hi Luke, thanks for reaching out. I need some hand holding for sure. Not understanding the multiple file thing and how to work thru them…

Send me what you have. I’d be happy to clean it up for you and explain how I did it.

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Thanks for the offer! All I have is the logo,I think I can do it with 2 bits. Originally wanted to use 2 to carve logo then final cut would be to cut it loose from the board.

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Cool. The fewer times you have to change bits the better. Hope it turns out well!

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Can you describe the steps necessary to create the files/steps/paths that I need? Im confused to say the least. I watched Seth’s vid, still dont comprehend it…

Again thanks, I need a Easel for dummies course. While some things are easy and others can be found on YouTube there’s still quite alot of information thats hard to come by. Trial and error are not acceptable with the cost of things today.

check this out

Easel Tutorials – Inventables (zendesk.com)

How about this. Send me your file and explain what you’re trying to do. Ill make you a quick walkthrough using your own project so you can just follow along and learn.

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I have this one as well, it goes over a similar process of using multiple workpieces in order to assign 2 bits into 2 different sections of the carve.
You can then run one job, followed by a bit change. And then run the 2nd job… and repeat as desired…

So, if I can translate my thoughts properly…
I want the letters carved using a v-bit (60*), the outline around the lettering carved with a straight bit (1/4?), then after that I want to cut out the entire logo from the piece of wood I started with.

Luke, did you get my file?

if you can upload the project link here, I can show in a short video how to do what you’re wanting…

You’d need to invert the center portion of the design first, and then split into different workpieces to control which bit goes where…

To Share the project in Easel go to Project>Share>Change it to Unlisted>Copy the Link > Post that link here

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Hey George sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Looks like Seth already showed you everything you need!

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Seth, thank you. you are a master at what you do and it shows. I’m a tad slower than you, will try to mimic what you’ve done. Appreciate your time and concern about the copyright infringement, its for me only. So given the option to do an SVG I tried to get one into Easel to find out it wont open it. What have you got up your sleeve to accomplish this? Thanks again…Geo

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Thanks for your help Luke!

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