1" Z down confirmation

anyone but me ever wish if at 1" setting and click the down Z arrow homing that it would ask you if you really wanted to plunge 1" from where you are? Not that I may or not have a couple holes completely through my wasteboard. Suggest it as a preference so anyone who replies they have never had a problem with it can leave things as-is. Maybe it’s just me.

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Soft limits is one way, the other is to install a “stop device” that will physically restrict the carriage to travel down further.

But neither soft limits or a stop point take into account various Z-heights from different bits. A 2" shaft can have the cut point higher than a 4" bit for instance.

You have to give Easel some credit as the default jog setting is 0.1".
I have jogged into the waste board once and fortunately was able to hit the Oh … button before any damage was done.
With the screw the Z has a lot of power and I could see it breaking V wheels. It would take a very complex system to fool-proof the jogging, too many variables as Harold said.
You just need to keep your head in the game and accept the consequences when you do not.

I will look into the soft limits, thanks for the tip!

Yes, head in the game would help. Sadly the ADHD overcomes me every so often. I’m not complaining really, and I know it is me who hit the wrong button. I probably also need to look into an emergency stop button. Nothing like trying to work a touchpad on a laptop in a panic while the bit is diving through the wasteboard lol.

I agree with annoying.
I would like to bypass a lot of the Easel confirmations.material secure, thickness, bit size, yada yada yada.
I may start learning UGS.

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I think that it could be a check box or setting to lock out the 0.1" setting all together for the Z. This would limit you to only use smaller move increments. I would love to see this added too.

Did you crash down onto the waste board?

Not yet. It has been close a few times. If there was a way that locked out the 1" z move it would help a lot. Most of the time I move the x and y then forget to click a smaller value when I click down on Z.

Do you home your machine?

On one cut section I do. I made a second smaller section for cut through. I do not use home for that section but I do for the front section. The front I have the original waste board that I cut on. Just tring not to junk up the good waste board right away. I don’t see where that would help me much as I do a lot of center cuts by centering my cut file on 0,0. I guess I could home it if there was an option for me to tell the .nc file that from 0,0 goto say second soft home then I could have multi home locations. They should add that too!

If you home your machine you can set soft limits to protect your material such that if the spindle (Z axis) goes below a certain value then grbl will alarm saving your material (or pretty wasteboard) from damage.

If the problem is hardware or the error is in the volume of the carved piece then this won’t help you.

That will help to some degree. Thanks. I guess that my over all issue is pebkac (problem exsists between keyboard and chair. It’s always me that doesn’t change the value when doing my rapid moves.

Not sure how you feel about using another G-code sender, but UGS has separate fields for X/Y and Z step size when jogging.

Haven’t looked at it yet. I’m starting to see that I may go away from easel the more that i learn. I would like to change it up and buy the drivers and power supplies to run Mach software.

yes, this is a huge help to me. I just had to use easel for the first time in months and plunged an inch literally 2-3 times as I had gotten used to UGS.

Ditto Ive crashed my bits accidentally plunging on the Z axis. I kind of wish if I hit Z down and its 1" it would ignore me and just move 0.1 but I blame myself for my own stupidity and rushing to print.