1000 X 1000 for sale, Memphis area

1000 mm x-carve in perfect condition. Completely assembled but never used. I just lost interest in it and now I’m moving and don’t want to move it. Will ship at cost or meet you if it’s reasonable. $1000 OBO

Hello, I live in collierville and might be interested. Can you tell me more? How old is it? Is it a x controller model ? What spindle is on it? Xcarve waste board? Maybe post a picture.


Hi Dan, I’m not sure how to post pictures on the forum. If you would like you can text me directly at 806-382-0227 and I can send you pictures that way. It’s a Texas phone number but we live at Snow Lake, about 45 minutes from Collierville if your not familiar.
Thanks, Richard

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Hi Richard is your machine still available? And would you be willing to pack it up and ship it to New Zealand? You can contact me directly on +64211668847
Regards Reuben

Yes it is still available and I would be willing to ship it as long as it is fully paid for including the shipping cost. I’m thinking it will be pretty costly to ship that far. The highest cost would be for the waste board as it is the largest and heaviest.

Hi. Thanks for your reply. Yes I expect the waste board would be the most expensive part. Are you able to get costing for me please. If you could get a cost for shipping with and without the waste board that would be great thanks. I could always make a waste board here. Fee free to txt me the details.
Thanks very much
Regards Reuben Becker

I have no problem doing this but I will ask for a deposit of $200 before I go to the expense of packing all of this up. Please let me know how you will be paying the deposit.

I could pay the deposit on PayPal if you are happy with that.

Do you have messenger so we can chat about it?

You can text me at 806-382-0227
PayPal to:


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