1000 X 1000 for sale - Montgomery TX

Purchased and assembled 2019. Machine used very little!

Has x carve dust control system, CNC Newbie 8" Z axis , risers etc.
J Tech 7 watt laser Kit.
Various carbide bits, collets hold downs, etc…
Moving and don’t have the room
Total purchase price was $3,686.00
Will take $2,400.00 for everything.
Pick up only.

Is this still available? I am considering getting my first xcarve and would prefer to buy a used one. Are there any issues with it? How old is the router? Is it the original router? Can you send some pics over? Additionally how large of a vehicle would be needed to pick this unit up? I’m located in South Austin so it’s a decent drive, I just want to make sure it will fit in my vehicle (Honda Odyssey).

Good morning Shawn thanks for you interest,
I have no issues with this machine. I do have some new extra parts that will go with it (micro switches, timing belts, dust brushes, carbide router bits, etc.)
The width with the side board partially disassembled is 42" X42". The router (Dewalt 611) is original (2019) but has not seen much use (Approx. 12 hrs.)
I will try and take some pictures of what I have for sale.

Sounds good. I look forward to the images !

here are a few pics of the machine and my collection of tooling, etc… everything goes as a package. The side board can be disassembled to make a smaller package. Tooling to reassemble is also included. Please let me know if you are still interested.

Hi Alton, Is this machine still available? I am in Spring TX and my wife is interested in the x-carve. Does the machine have the z axis controller installed? If it is available would it be possible to stop by and take a look this weekend? Thanks, Rod

Yes, Rod, the machine is still available. And yes the Newbie 8" Z axis is installed.
Just let me know when you will be coming to look at the machine and I will make sure I am here. I live in Montgomery just off Waldon Road (13923 Fountainview Dr.)
I have attached another photo of the 8" Z Axis Modification.

Thanks Alton. I will let my wife know and we will revert later today with a few timeslots to see if they work with your schedule. Best, Rod

Saturday Aug. 28, machine is still available and looking for a new home.

Hi Alton…I left you a message on your answering maching. Would you please call me? Thanks.

David I have not found your message.
My cell phone number is 713 805 5120. I am at work now but any time after 5:30 will work.
Best regards, Al Burns

Will do.

This machine has been sold.

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