1000mm build complete. And the test carve even worked!


Build went great. (ish?) Followed steps extraordinarily carefully and if something didn’t make perfect sense, I stared at the pictures, read the instructions again, and repeated as needed. And only had a problem with a few areas.

  1. missed the part in the directions to add x and y stops to the extrusion for the x and y homing switches. Ran the carriage into the idler wheels at the end plate during the homing switches setup. Had 2 bolts, 2 spacers, and 2 post assembly slot nuts left over. (What could these be for? Extra parts? :wink: )

  2. forgot the flip the z-axis in the software and ran the spindle into the waste board during the homing switches setup.

  3. installed the z axis plate upside down, so when adding the stepper motor and the small belt, had to redo it.

I’m sure I’ll run into other areas where I could have done better. Still not happy with the eccentric spacers on the v wheels on the x-carriage…

All that said… I am VERY happy I got a kit, assembled it all myself. I think this really showed my how every piece of the machine worked and am comfortable replacing or tweaking things myself.

The test carve turned out better than expected. Just used some random piece of cedar I had laying around from resawing veneers.

I’m sure I’ll have all manner of silly questions in the future, but I’m always down for passing along things I’ve learned and mistakes I’ve made to those who come after me.



Congrats! I got my table built table and hope to start on the machine tomorrow.

Congrats and happy carving!

Nice. That was an important first step for me. I had analysis paralysis on the table when I gave up and just plopped it on a 4’x4’ piece rubber on top of a 4’x4’ half inch thick steel plate. I’m not trying to get in the table making business. I just want to make expensive sawdust.