1000mm Modular Wasteboard

I just put a new modular wasteboard on my xcarve 1000. Can someone help me with the space between the clamp holes? I want to make a new square for my wasteboard and am having trouble. I cant seem to get any of the squares already on here to work so figured i’d try to make my own.


are you talking dog holes, inserts, or t nut holes, I can give you a couple of tips for inserts or t nuts. You could probably adapt it for dog holes.
For threaded holes I took a full thread bolt (or stud if you have some) and cut off the head chucked it up into a drill motor and spun it against a sanding belt or grinding disk sharpening one end to a point, thread it into any hole on your board. Mount any V bit into your cnc spindle/router. now move the spindle so that the vbit point is directly above the point on the bolt, I bring the bit down till it is very nearly touching the bolt so it is pretty accurate. Now record the X & Y co ordinates and you know where that hole is. rinse and repeat for any other hole and do the arithmetic for the center to center measurement. I also use this method if I want to drill holes in a board so I can bolt it to the spoil bd put in two pointed bolts so they are just above the spoil bd lay the board on them and give them a bonk with a hammer, now you know where to drill for the holes.

Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it.