1000mm Waste Board Graphics

Evening Everyone,

Hopefully I’ve got this in the right forum.

My new X-Carve should be here soon. The waste board is plain but I have manage to get hold of the SVG file & imported it into Easel.

I am having a memory block, being really stupid or both but…Once the machine is built & calibrated, I want to use it to carve the waste board graphics. does it matter where I position it on Easel?

I’ve also built my own cabinet, what do you think? It’s nothing glamorous but it will do, plenty of draw space, cupboards for tools/extraction & pull out keyboard tray.


No, but usually you should put the origin on 0,0 so then you place the bit in the same starting point when carving it.

Cabinet looks sweet!

Hi there!
You cabinet and workshop looks very fine!
However, do nor forget to have a system with a vacuum cleaner (or bigger) to remove all the milling chips and dust, because there will be a LOT… :slight_smile:

Regarding the placement I usually have the zero point in the lower left corner and the placing the milling piece some mm up and right. Just look so you have enough of material. I have experienced some problems with my internet connection as I use easel. If you lose the connection for jst a fraction of a second everything id ruined. Ensure a good internet connection and a good USB cable as well.