1000mm X-Carve for sale in Bath, UK

Hi, I’m selling my 1000mmx1000mm X-Carve to make space in the workshop. This was bought for some early prototyping work (probably totalling no more than 4 hrs use), but I use our larger machine for this now and so this just isn’t used.

It has a completely untouched sacrificial board, and has no marks from use - other than a little dust. You can also have the table too - but you’ll need something bigger than a car to get that in. It has seen so little use that most of the parts are still in their sealed bags. I’ve used one bit, and a handful of clamps.

  • 1000mm Waste board
  • DeWalt D26200
  • DeWalt D26200 Spindle Mount
  • X-Carve Dust Control System

I also have the Opt 6w Laser full attachment kit, purchased at the same time I bought the X-Carve. This is brand new and unopened. I never got around to hooking this all up, so it can be bought with the X-Carve if you want, or I’m happy to split this.

Looking for £1300.00 for the X-Carve and £450.00 for the Opt Laser and full attachment kit. Happy to do a deal for both.

Item located in central Bath, UK.

Message me with any other questions. Thanks, David

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I have Some intrest in the opt laser!
What type of laser is that.
Do you sent to the netherlands

Greetings Rino

Hi Rino,

Sure, happy to post to the EU.

Here’s a link to the Opt website:

And here’s a link to the UK distributor website, showing the full kit:


Hi david,

could you contact me by me e-mail



Hi Rino,

Just sent you an email earlier - so maybe check your junk folder too just in case!


X-Carve bundle now provisionally sold - the laser bundle is still available at the moment.

Is nobody going to make the “taking a bath on that price” joke? C’mon people… I’ll show myself out.