1000mm X-Carve for sale in OH

I’m selling my 2015 1000mm X-Carve with a DeWalt 611 router. It’s in good shape, and other than upgrading to the eccentric spacers on the Y plates it’s stock. I never wired in the limit switches but they are included.

I did not order the wasteboard as the shipping was too high so I just made my own. If you would like the original you can purchase them separately from Inventables. You’ll see in the photos there is an opening cut in mine as I was cutting joinery on the ends of boards for a project.

My wife has been bugging me to sell it as I don’t use it much anymore. I have 2 kids under 4 and can’t find the time. $1000 seems to be a fair price but I am open to offers. I would really prefer local pickup but for the right price maybe we can figure out shipping.

Interested. Would prefer shipping. Possibly can pickup local. What city?

Message me at: budandbean@yahoo.com

I tried messaging you via email but the address comes back invalid.

I’m about 20 minutes east of Cleveland.

sorry - budandbeans@yahoo.com (forgot the s)

I have relatives near Cleveland (Wellington area). Might be able to get them to pick it up. Would you be open to shipping?

Interested, if your other offers don’t shake out. Email @ cmcmillan1048@gmail.com

Email sent.

Hi Chris, just sent you an email.

I’m in Geauga County!

Is this still available?
Thanks Paul

Email sent

Paul - Email sent

Get rid of your wife. Keep your tools.

Hey! Please get in touch with me either by email at BradleyTn20@gmail.com or by text at 865-300-6355.

That was pretty funny! Haha!

Update: pending pickup.

This has been SOLD. Thanks everyone.