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1000mm X-Carve for sale in Rhode Island/ SE Massachusetts

I have an X-Carve to sell in Northern Rhode Island, asking $1000. It works perfectly fine, just doesn’t suit my current needs. It comes with everything, including the spindle, all the bits I have, all cables, the dust collection attachment, all the clamps to hold materials down, and some materials to test out.

I also built a custom stand for it to maximize storage and workspace while minimizing footprint. The shelf for the CNC folds down, there is a shelf for your computer that folds down when you don’t need it, drawers, and shelving on the back for materials. The whole thing is on casters and easy to move around when you need to. If you’re interested, you can take the stand for no extra charge. I am willing and able to drive a reasonable distance (~1 hour) to drop off the CNC, but I can’t get the whole stand into my SUV so it needs to be picked up if you want to take it. I am willing to help load it into a pickup or moving truck though.


Interested in the carve, I’m located in Maine willing to make the drive. How close to mass are you to get an idea of how far a drive it would be?

I live in Cumberland RI, maybe 5 min from the Mass border. Are you interested in the stand too? I can meet you halfway if you just want the machine, or if you have a way to get the stand back with you I can help you load it.

Hi there. I’m interested in the unit, and would take the stand as well. Likely wouldn’t be able to get there until this weekend at the earliest though. Let me know if the other buyer doesn’t work out.