1000mm x carve for sale

1000mm X Carve up for sale in IL. it has the j tech 3.8 watt laser on it

Do you have any pictures and where at in Il.?

Mulberry grove yes I do as im trying to post them now

Why is it such a mess?

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its been sitting behind a cnc router and I did not blow the dust off it everything still works just needs the dust blow off

How much?

$950.00 I have about $1500.00 invested

Very interested, have sent previous PM ?? is it still for sale ??

yes it is I will take $950.00 for it

Would you message me at : d-n-j-creations@outlook.com to make arrangements

I am from Moline, Illinois

I just sent you a email

So can we arrange a Pickup for Friday ?? for some reason I am not receiving any e-mail from you, you can Facebook me at : Lawrence Kelley (Soldier Saluting Flag for Photo)