1000mm X-Carve - Kingman AZ - For Sale - $1200

Selling my X-Carve. Had a lot of fun with it but time has become scarce and I feel guilty having it just sit in my garage so someone should be getting use out of it. It’s a 2016 with the upgraded controller and gantry(solid 1 piece instead of 2 pieces). Picture of machine and all the bits included. Z-axis limit is damaged but I never used the limits so I didn’t bother replacing it. Easy fix if you want to use the limits though. Pickup only. You can call/text me at 843-992-2456.

Are you willing to ship?

PM sent

Very interested. Cash in hand. 253 583 4321


Is this still available?

Hey James it is. I’ll be moving to KY at the end of the month though and it will come with me if I haven’t sold it by then.

Hey Gavin,
Good luck on your move. Thats a big change Az to Ky. Well I want to buy this from you if possible. How ever I live in Pensacola Fl. I figured you would have to break it down to move. We could leave out the MDF. Would you be willing to put it in a box and ship. I know an easy way to ship for us!

Joe retiredandalive@gmail.com

This has sold. I’ve spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to change the headline to reflect that and have failed miserably…and I am ashamed.

All the best to you! Take care…

I’ll close it for you!